Vignette ID

The Ultimate Solution for Road Payment in Europe

Vignette ID is a system that simplifies the process of paying for road use in Europe.

The first system of its kind to pay for roads in eight European countries: Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, as well as tunnels in Austria in just a few minutes.

Vignette ID covered countries

We provide a solution that allows the user to buy a vignette for several cars and countries at the same time.

Our API offers wide functionality. You can check the validity of the car number, use our payment gateway to accept payments.

We are constantly developing and adding new functionality that can meet the user's needs on the road.

We also have our own application for users, which is gaining popularity among drivers.

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Cooperation agreement

In order to start using our API and become our partner, we ask you to read the draft cooperation agreement.

Helpdesk for current and future partners

For any support or API information, plese contact us on email • [email protected]

Company Information

PD Business Services FZ LLC • P.O. Box: 77954 • Abu Dhabi • United Arab Emirates