Statuses list in system

  • PENDING - means that the vignette is awaiting further action or approval. It's not yet ACTIVE, but it's in a queue or waiting list for processing. Can be canceled after 15 minutes by Cancel Pending Order if the status has not changed to WILL BE ACTIVE or ACTIVE or REFUNDED

  • WILL BE ACTIVE - indicates that the vignette is registered with the national provider and is considered active. It is expected to receive a unique identifier and file, after which it will switch to ACTIVE status

  • ACTIVE - indicates that the vignette is currently in use. It's active and functioning as expected.

  • EXPIRED - signifies that the vignette is no longer active or valid. This could be due to a time limit that has been exceeded or a condition that is no longer met.

  • REFUNDED - indicates that a chargeback was caused manualy by us or by Cancel Pending Order. The vignette is considered unregistered with the national provider or he returned information that this vehicle already has an active vignette for the selected period

  • DELETED - indicates an unknown error that resulted in the vignette being deleted from the queue. You need to contact us as soon as possible to check your case